An Auditor requires a formal qualification with a major in Accounting in order to work in the Accounting industry. External Auditors typically have an advanced qualifications, such as a Master’s Degree in business administration (MBA) or a law degree.

An Auditor’s main duty is to verify a company’s financial records. This requires the Auditor to study various sources, including payroll and accounting books, to ensure that company records present a valid and truthful representation of its financial situation.

There are two types of Auditors: internal and external.

External Auditors are usually self-employed or work for public accounting firms. Their audit provides shareholders and creditors with an independent, expert opinion of a company’s financial condition.

Internal Auditors are employed by a single company and are considered a member of staff. Internal Auditors examine and assess the financial system of their employer to ensure it is running efficiently and economically. To do so, they analyse financial records, equipment and inventory records and submit reports to management regarding the effectiveness of accounting policies and making any suggestions regarding changes to policies or procedures.

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