Chartered Accountants in New Zealand

Chartered Accountants must have successfully completed the Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA), including the requisite period of mentored work experience. A degree in accounting is not necessary to undertake the Diploma. The key areas a Chartered Accountant is likely to work in are: Audit & Assurance Financial Accounting & Reporting Management Accounting & Analysis Taxation Ethics and […]

Web Developer Jobs in New Zealand

Web Developer jobs involve planning the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website. A Web Developer uses a combination of graphic design skills and technical knowledge of how web pages are created, to design a functional website. A Web Developer liaises closely with the client during the design stage to find out the requirements of the client and the […]

Tester Jobs in New Zealand

A Software Tester investigates the quality of a software program, application or product in order to provide an objective and independent analysis to business. The process is also designed to find and eliminate software bugs. The goal of a Software Tester is to ensure that software: meets the business and technical requirements behind its design and development works as […]

Bookkeeper Jobs in New Zealand

A Bookkeeper is responsible for the recording and tracking of financial transactions. A Bookkeeper maintains records of sales, purchases and revenue of an individual or organisation. The records kept by a Bookkeeper may later be used by an accountant to prepare an income statement and balance sheet. A new regulatory scheme in Australia required Bookkeepers to be […]

Accounts Payable Jobs in New Zealand

An Accountant who specialises in Accounts Payable performs all tasks relating to the efficient processing and maintenance of Accounts Payable transactions. To enter this profession, an Accountant must have knowledge of general accounting procedures, relevant computer applications and ideally, one to three years experience in Accounts Payable and general accounting. Typical daily tasks of an Accountant in Accounts Payable include: reviewing invoices and […]

Test Analyst Jobs in New Zealand

A Test Analyst plays an essential role in determining the meaning of test result data within the information technology industry, primarily. Generally, a Test Analyst works within a larger team where staff members may be assigned various analyst and tester roles. A Test Analyst may undertake the following tasks: identifying the target test objectives to be evaluated defining the appropriate tests […]

Company Secretary Jobs in New Zealand

A Company Secretary is responsible for the company’s compliance with financial and legal policies and procedures. A thorough understanding of the laws that apply to their industry is mandatory. Typically, a Company Secretary is the point of communication between the Board of Directors and the shareholders and creditors of the company. Publicly listed companies are legally required to employ […]

Business Analyst Jobs in New Zealand

A Business Analyst examines the structure and functions of businesses, government departments and not-for-profit organisations in order to align their activities and core structure to meet their business goals. Solutions usually include a systems development component, but may also involve process improvement, organisational change or strategic planning and policy development proposals. Business Analysts will be required to: identify […]

Chief Financial Officer Jobs in New Zealand

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides operational support to the company. It is the CFO who supervises the finance unit and acts as the chief financial spokesperson for the company. They report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and assist the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with strategic matters relating to budget management, cost benefit analysis, and securing funding. A CFO is required […]

Auditor Jobs in New Zealand

An Auditor requires a formal qualification with a major in Accounting in order to work in the Accounting industry. External Auditors typically have an advanced qualifications, such as a Master’s Degree in business administration (MBA) or a law degree. An Auditor’s main duty is to verify a company’s financial records. This requires the Auditor to study various sources, including payroll and accounting books, […]