Bookkeeper is responsible for the recording and tracking of financial transactions. A Bookkeeper maintains records of sales, purchases and revenue of an individual or organisation. The records kept by a Bookkeeper may later be used by an accountant to prepare an income statement and balance sheet. A new regulatory scheme in Australia required Bookkeepers to be registered, and they must hold a Certificate IV in Financial Services or higher qualification.

Bookkeepers must be diligent and systematic in carrying out their daily duties. Their records may be audited at any stage and it is essential that there are no discrepancies or imbalances. Most Bookkeepers spend half their time maintaining financial records and the other half communicating with company members to gain, verify or impart information regarding financial activities.

Bookkeepers may use their accumulated experience to move into accounting or inventory control positions. They may also use their business knowledge to move into management or supervisory positions.

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