Company Secretary is responsible for the company’s compliance with financial and legal policies and procedures. A thorough understanding of the laws that apply to their industry is mandatory.

Typically, a Company Secretary is the point of communication between the Board of Directors and the shareholders and creditors of the company.

Publicly listed companies are legally required to employ a Company Secretary, and the majority of private companies also appoint a Company Secretary.

The typical duties of a Company Secretary vary according to the nature of their industry, however they may include:

  • preparing agendas for board meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs)
  • maintaining confidential records, including registers of members, directors and secretaries
  • responding to correspondence and communicating with relevant stakeholders
  • advising on legal, governance, accounting and tax implications of proposed policies
  • monitoring changes in legislation and regulations to ensure company compliance
  • maintaining the register of shareholders and overseeing dividend payments
  • overseeing and renewing insurance cover for employees and members of the company as stipulated by policies and standards

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