Telephone Installer Repairers are responsible for installing new telephone line or equipment, testing the new installations and repair problems in existing lines. Telephone Installer Repairers travel to the customer’s home or business in a trade vehicle with a variety of tools and equipment.

Telephone Installer Repairers, may have to work on roofs, ladders, or at the top of a telephone pole when installing a new line. Telephone Installer Repairers may have to cut through walls or floors to run appropriate wiring, connections may also require working on terminals in basements or wire closets.

Telephone Installer Repairers are also responsible for installation or removal of telephone booths, coin collectors and switching equipment. Telephone Installer Repairers work with customers, exchange operators, IT departments and technicians.

Telephone Installer Repairers jobs involve on the spot problem solving, good colour vision is needed to distinguish the colour-coding of wires and good hearing is necessary for detecting malfunctions revealed by sound.

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